The Most Rejuvenating Health Retreat In The World

Our Anti-Stress Bali Yoga Retreat & Neuro-Meditation Program

Dr. Dani and Zen Brain Lab have created the ultimate Bali yoga retreat and yoga holiday to leave you feeling utter rejuvenated and give you practices you can use in the busiest of your days once you get home. You will be gently guided through breathing practices, physical yoga series to destress the body and then specialized meditation & visualizations to calm and clear your mind. At the end of our bali retreats, you will receive a complete audio program so you can use these very same meditations at home to detox from stress whenever you need it most.

A Bali Yoga Retreat Stress Detox Based In Science + Tradition

Our daily yoga and meditation sessions are offered each morning and afternoon in our open air yoga shala set amid our lush tropical organic gardens overlooking the rice fields and jungle of Ubud, Bali. Our yoga & meditation program is perfect for all levels of yoga experience and tailored to those who want to rejuvenate the body and mind from stress.  The sessions are led by highly experienced specially trained yoga teacher in our stress detox yoga method in a supportive laid back environment.  

A Bali Wellness Retreat To Beat Chronic Stress

The number one health & wellness ‘roadblock’ is in the brain and is caused by chronic stress.  This roadblock is constant fight or flight switch staying ‘turned on.’  In scientific terms, this is hyperarousal of the limbic brain and amygdala (the brain centre for fear and anxiety).  When the brain is constantly in fight or flight due to low grade everyday stress of modern life it gets stuck in ‘background’ noise loops of mental chatter, worry and hyper vigilance (not being able to relax on demand or shut off your thoughts).  

A Bali Health Retreat To Reset Brain Stress Loops

Many clients come to our Bali health retreats tired and overworked. In this state the brain has trouble handling stress, balancing body hormones, energy levels and mood.  Being in this state too much of the time also affects the ability to get restful sleep at night and shut off the mind. In order to break these loops, the brain has to be able to shut off the amygdala, that brain centre that is driving fear memory and fight or flight reactions. Our unique Bali Yoga Retreat & Meditation program was created by Dr. Dani, MD to do just that while you relax and let go in paradise!

Yoga Retreat Bali Breathing Practices

We start each morning with an optional breathing practice designed to leave you feeling calm yet energized.   Most of us don’t use our breathing muscle, the diaphragm to breath properly.  This is due to a combination of sitting hours a day at desks, low grade stress causing a stress response and more shallow chest breathing as well as in our western culture we have no training as youth in how to use natural body processes like breathing to calm our nervous systems down and regulate stress. Dr. Dani has developed a complete gentle guided breathing program for our bali yoga retreat to reset the way you breath for maximal stress detoxing and to allow you to stay more resilient to stress when you return to city life The breathing exercises are done sitting and lying down while you relax in comfort and gentle awaken the body and mind each morning.   Holotropic breathing, Healing Breath and balancing yoga pranayamas are all part of our program. If you choose, you can also sleep in and skip these sessions and join for the yoga class afterwards, it’s all up to you!

Yoga Retreat Morning Yoga Class

The Morning Yoga Practice is designed specifically to help rebalance your nervous system and body from stress and leave you energized, calm and clear so you can full experience the beauty of Bali. The yoga is a form of Hatha yoga incorporating tantra yoga, vinni yoga (traditional therapeutic yoga) and poses designed to stimulate the body’s glandular system involved in stress such as the thyroid, pituitary and adrenal glands. It was developed by Dr. Dani with a team of yoga experts based on the latest yoga research, traditional teachings from her years of study and practice of yoga in India and in the West. Dr. Dani has been creating and delivering yoga based medicine programs online and in person for over half a decade.  

Yoga Retreat Afternoon Yoga Class

The evening practice is a carefully designed series combining restorative and yin styles as well as tantra ground series poses to relax the body and mind deeply and completely and release stress from the most common body areas where tension builds up including poses for hips and pelvis, back and shoulders.  Yin Yoga is a style of yoga where floor yoga poses are held for longer periods of time to allow you to sink into the pose comfortably with the aid of props and/or bolsters.  The poses stimulate the deeper connective tissues of the body and the traditional yogic meridians that often hold chronic tension without us being aware of it, causing mental tension in response. Restorative yoga is a passive yoga practice designed to allow you to release all muscular effort and sink into comfortable relaxation while stretching the spine gently and the areas of body that become stiff and painful with sitting behind a desk and in busy modern life. By the end of the class your nervous system, brain and body will be in a state of total rest and peace so you can enjoy the rest of your evening and get the perfect night’s rest.

The Stress Release Meditation Program

Our Specialized Meditation Program combines the best of mindbody medicine research with ancient traditional yoga practices for calming the mind and restoring mental clarity and calm from chronic stress.  These sessions will restore the mind and body from the hectic pace of life, reduce inflammation, enhance creativity and overall sense of wellbeing. These sessions are effortless and not ‘concentration meditation’ based like other programs.  This allows you to completely release your conscious mind and sink into a state of true relaxation and calm that is often elusive for many people who have tried meditation in the past. Our week-long program progresses day by day to unwind layers of stress in the mind and brain that build up without consciously being aware of them over time.  This program works in synergy with our cutting edge brainwave training sessions to change the brain’s response to stress on a physical and emotional level.

Our program includes techniques from:

  • PMR progression & Body scanning
  • Yoga Nidra
  • Guided Imagery & Relaxation

Yoga Nidra

Yoga nidra is an integrative mindbody practice still used in India today for rejuvenation from stress and enhancing wellbeing and mental clarity. Yoga Nidra means ‘yogic sleep’ in Sanskrit.  It can be practiced by anyone easily regardless of your level of experience with meditation because it is not based on ‘shutting of all thoughts’ or concentration meditations that take years to master. It is healing effortless practice when guided by a skilled practitioner as you will be in this retreat. While resting comfortably, you will be guided through a series of experiences in your body that will engage your senses and guide your mind and body into a state of complete calm by slowing down your fast brain waves and helping you entire the naturally restorative healing ‘twilight’ state in the brain where you are producing alternatively alpha and theta brainwaves dominate.  After a session of yoga nidra it is quite common to have bursts of dramatic creative inspiration as well as enhanced feelings of wellbeing and happiness and relief from worries and constant thought chatter that most people experience in hectic modern life.

Try Yoga Nidra

PMR & Body Scanning

PMR (Progressive Muscle Relaxation) is a powerful well studied evidence-based relaxation technique that has been used successfully to treat conditions ranging from Insomnia to headaches. You will be asked to tense then relax specific muscles one by one and gently progress to be able to relax the entire body and individual tight areas by the end of the retreat This helps reconnect you to your body and let go of long-held tensions. Targets specific areas of body tension where stress emotions are held such as facial muscles, pelvis belly and hips, lower back & shoulders +neck.


Visualization is a powerful tool to communicate to your brain what you want it do. It allows you to communicate with your subconscious older parts of the brain to help the brain make the changes it needs to release stress induced in the mind and body. Enhances your resilience to stress and resistance to illness. You will picture images in your mind and be guided on an inner journey then completely let go and relax.

Transform the way you handle stress.