NeuroMeditation will leave you feeling more rejuvenated & rested than ever before

Meditation on Steroids For People Who Don’t have Time to Meditate

The most powerful tool we have on our Bali Wellness Retreats to beat stress, energize you and dramatically enhance stress resilience is a high tech tool called neuromeditation, also know as neurofeedback brainwave training.

It works using brainwave data and biosensors & is like meditation on steroids for people who don’t have time to meditate.  It is used by olympic athletes, top CEOS, professional sports teams and doctors and researchers to enhance brain performance, overcome health issues related to chronic low grade stress (insomnia, low energy, poor mood balance and poor focus).

It is the most effective way to calm down and reset your nervous system permanently to break out of stress ruts not just on retreat but once you get back home.

Calm the Mind Easily Even if you ‘Can’t Meditate’

If you find you have trouble meditating, neurofeedback can dramatically enhance your practice in just one week of daily training sessions which are included in your retreat.

On our neurofeedback Bali wellness retreats you can train the brain into deep meditative states in a single session guided by the technology that would on average take 10+ years of daily meditation practice to achieve consistently.  

Enhance Your State of Calm, Rejuvenate Faster & Change Your Brain with The Best Brain training Programs in the World.

Meditation has an enormous number of researched benefits and our brainwave training is a unique and phenomenal tool to cultivate mental stillness without years of daily practice in meditation. We offer different types of sessions you will be guided through over the week.

We Are the Only Wellness Retreat Bali to Offer Neurofeedback Brain Enhancement

The downside of this technology is the prohibitive cost, at 150$ USD per session or more at most centres. 

We are the only yoga and wellness retreats in Bali using neurofeedback to enhance your peak experience, deepen your relaxation and rejuvenate fully from stress.


How Many Sessions Do I Get?

You can train up to 2 times a day so you can get easily get in 10 brain training sessions during your retreat.  

The best part is that the process is effortless.  You braintrain by wearing a brainwave sensing headset and can watch your favorite TV show or movie while your brain learns to move towards a more stress resilient state without conscious effort.  

It may sound too good to be true but neurofeedback is backed by rigorous science and is the top recommended treatment for ADHD by the American Pediatric Association of Physicians.  

To learn more about how it works click here: www.zenbrainlab.com.

Transform the way you handle stress.