About Our Ubud Yoga Retreat Location

Our Ubud yoga retreat is located in the tropical small balinese town of Ubud, Bali in the rolling hills of central Bali among banyan trees, pristine river valleys and lush rice paddies.  All year round temperatures are consistently pleasantly warm but with cool evening breezes. 

The Ubud Yoga Retreat is the cultural heart of Bali, where ancient tradition and balinese culture co exists with modern resorts, top notch restaurants, spas and pristine nature all at extremely affordable prices.  

The name Ubud comes from the Balinese word Ubad which means medicine.  Our Ubud Yoga Retreat exists in the place long known to the Balinese people as being a place rich in healing patterns and traditional mysticism and now is home to a rich yoga and healing culture that draws visitors from all corners of the world to experience the magic of Ubud.

As far back as the 8th century, royal families were said to have sent those who needed healing to Ubud in the mountainous centre of Bali and the Ubud Yoga Retreat continues this tradition today by offering world class yoga and wellness retreats that combine ancient wisdom with modern science.

More than 90% of the population practices Balinese Hinduism (the rest of Indonesia is Muslim) and everywhere you look, women are making offerings of rice, fruit and flowers laid out in intricate patterns each morning in front of the family home and temples which line the streets.  The people are incredibly open and love sharing their culture with visitors of the Ubud Yoga retreat.  You will often be invited to attend elaborate traditional ceremonies and often these are a highlight of visiting Ubud and being able to experience this unique and beautiful culture as a local.

Day trips from our Ubud Yoga Centre include an opportunity to bathe in the pools at the sacred water temple Tirtha Empul, built in the 9th Century AD.  At the temple there are 13 ornate spouts of cool pure mountain spring water, each representing a different type of purification, from fertility and love to protection from evil spirits.

Ubud is a short drive from both coasts of Bali with world class beaches, surfing, snorkelling and diving including plentiful marine life hard to find elsewhere such as giant manta rays and the Mola Mola fish.   

If you are interested in hiking and trekking, Bali’s two sacred volcanos Mr. Batur and Mt. Agung offers climbs accessible to most fitness levels with stunning views spanning over Bali, Java and Lombok Islands, all accessible by single day trips from our centre with an experienced guide.

We arrange private and bespoke trips for our guests who wish to explore all the island has to offer depending on your interests.

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