About Our Bali Health Retreat

If you are thinking about what to do for your next vacation or feeling stressed, burned out or in need of healing, a Health Retreat Bali vacation can leave you feeling rested, rejuvenated and most of all change the way your brain, mind and body responds to stress.

We offer the most advanced rejuvenating retreats in the world on our Bali Health Retreats using brainwave guided meditation & brainwave training, personalized nutrition programs, expert yoga & mindbody instruction & daily massage & spa treatments.  

Weight Loss

If you are having trouble losing weight  or suffering from food cravings that keep derailing your efforts, a combination of neurofeedback to work on food craving and addiction centres, a yoga program to normalize your metabolism, delicious healthy food to slim down without deprivation and daily spa treatments available at ZenBrainLab’s Bali Health Retreat centre can help you go home feeling lighter in mind and body and re energize you for your hectic city life.  

Neurofeedback brainwave training can have lasting effects on altering your relationship with food to decrease cravings and help you stay on track so you can maintain your gains.


We live in a modern world full of physical, environmental and food toxins that affect how you feel, your energy levels and your health.  It is hard to detox fully from these effects when you are caught in your daily routines, stresses and commitments.  At our ZenBrainLab Bali Health Retreat we take care of it all so you can focus on rejuvenating in paradise: no cooking, no rushing and no thinking about what you have to do next so you can truly let go and unwind.  

If you are looking to detox from emotional and mental stressors, toxic food or lifestyle habits and hit the ‘reset’ button, our Bali Health Retreat allows you to detox your brain, mind and body during our immersive retreats.  We combine high tech brain scanning and brainwave training to help you break brain patterns of toxic stress, toxic thoughts and behaviors and detox your body with organic whole foods and tasty herbal detoxification drinks and snacks made with fresh local ingredients.  

Our retreat menu is naturally detoxifying and our nutritional programs have been developed by a world leading medical doctor in nutritional medicine.

Burnout Recovery

If you feel constantly tired, overwhelmed, lost or disillusioned with your work or aspects of your current life and feeling stuck, you may be experiencing burnout syndrome due to chronic stress.  

At our Bali Health Retreat centre, we specialize in reversing burnout syndrome from the brain causes using high tech brain qEEG brain imaging and brain retraining with neurofeedback brain training as well as anti-burnout yoga, nutrition and relaxation therapies to help you feel like the best version of you again, regain your passion and inspiration and get ‘unstuck’ from barriers that may be holding your back currently.

We do a specific form of neurofeedback on our Bali Health Retreats called Alpha Theta Neurofeedback: aka ‘meditation on steroids.’ where you will be able to access a deep meditative state that guides the brain into the elusive twilight state in between waking and sleep.  

This special state is where the brain integrates information, ‘aha moments’ happen, creativity reignites and you finish sessions feeling deeply rested and restored.  This is a meditative state reached by advanced meditators after 20+ years of meditation but now is also accessible for everyone by using brainwave guided technology to show the brain how to access this state, no meditation experience required.

Stress & Anxiety Relief

If you suffer from stress, worry or anxiety this is a sign your brain and body are on ‘overload’ from the chronic stresses of modern life.  The quickest way to regain a calm, centred state is by working on a brain, mind and body level together to calm the nervous system using high tech brainwave training alongside targeted meditations, yoga poses and breathing exercises and yoga nidra sessions as well as daily traditional balinese relaxation massages to reset your nervous system’s response to stress and anxiety that will last long after your weak at our Bali Health Retreat.


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