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Wake Up’ Tea and Coffee Service

Many people find that they are so used to having a bit of am caffeine that they feel terrible without it!  If you want to have a break from caffeine, we have a selection of fine herbal teas but we also give you option of having your coffee or regular tea before yoga if want it, since this is your vacation and not a harsh bali health retreat prison camp!

Morning Breathing Practice

We start each morning with an optional breathing practice designed to leave you feeling calm yet energized. You will be gently guided while you awaken the body and relax the mind through the best breathwork practices to detox your entire system from stress. Holotropic breathing, Healing Breath and balancing yoga pranayamas are all part of our program. If you choose, you can also sleep in and skip these sessions and join for the yoga class afterwards, it’s all up to you!

Morning Yoga Practise

The Morning Yoga Practice is designed specifically to help rebalance your nervous system and body from stress and leave you energized, calm and clear so you can full experience the beauty of Bali. The yoga is a form of Hatha yoga incorporating tantra yoga, vini yoga (traditional therapeutic yoga)  developed by Dr. Dani to give you the ultimate stress relief while toning your body each morning.

Afternoon Yoga Practise

The evening practice is a carefully designed series combining restorative and yin styles as well as tantra ground series poses to relax the body and mind deeply and completely and release stress from the most common body areas where tension builds up including poses for hips and pelvis, back and shoulders.  By the end of the class your nervous system, brain and body will be in a state of total rest and peace so you can enjoy the rest of your evening and get the perfect night’s rest.

Stress Release Meditation Program

Dr. Dani has developed a stress release guided meditation program for our bali health retreats specific to reversing stress & burnout.  We use the most effective & research proven stress relief techniques from body relaxation training, yoga nidra and guided imagery to take you on a journey each day out of stress and into a calmer, happier state of mind that will last long after you return home. These sessions work hand-in-hand with our brainwave training sessions combining the best of ancient wisdom with modern technology for stress relief.

Neurofeedback Brainwave Training

We are the only yoga centre in the world to provide our clients with cutting edge neurofeedback brainwave training sessions to completely transform stress in the brain in one week.  These sessions are relaxing and effortless, where you will recline back and watch a movie or show of your choice as your brain is trained out of negative stress loops that may be holding you back or keeping you stressed in daily life.  These sessions are best described as ‘virtual reality’ brain guided meditation sessions that are now offered at the world’s leading universities and used by professional athletes and top CEOS.

Relaxation, Massage & Yoga Retreat Bali Free Time

Throughout the day you will have plenty of time to relax and unwind, enjoy made to order juices by our pool or have a stress release massage in the comfort of your room. Our massage therapists are trained to deliver the most relaxing massages using specific warmed high quality essential oils and traditional massage techniques from Balinese and acupressure massage traditions

Sunrise Yoga Overlooking Mount Batur

Wake up early to catch the first glimpse of sunrise over Bali’s most sacred Volcano as you are let through a morning yoga and meditation on the slopes of Mount Batur.  After you yoga practice we will enjoy breakfast overlooking the volcano before returning mid morning to the ubud retreat centre. If you prefer to sleep in...that’s ok too!


Water Spa Trip

Spend the afternoon experiencing the stress relief and detox benefits of hydrotherapy & traditional Balinese herbal sauna in a natural paradise set in the rice paddies surrounding Ubud, Bali.  The thermal waters and herbal sauna offers you a unique experience to rejuvenate in nature in a hidden oasis with the benefits of hydrotherapy (water therapy), used for thousands of years to purify the body and mind.


Lunch + Juice Making Class

Lunch is different each day and combines healthy delicious farm to table recipes and asian fusion cuisine. You will also experience our stress-detoxing juice making demos so you can make your favorite healthy drinks and juices easily once you return home using Dr. Dani’s recipes.


Dinners on the retreat are a relaxed affair, with menus focused on showcasing local superfoods and healthy ingredients and carefully prepared for taste and enjoyment.  Most dinners are served on site at our luxury retreat villa.

Yoga Retreat Bali Closing Night Dinner & Ceremony

The last night we say goodbye and close our week with a traditional Puja (yogic fire ceremony).  Each person will also receive a handmade mala designed for you by Dr. Dani and made by one of our local artisans in Ubud to wear as a reminder of your journey in Bali.

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