Dr. Dani Gordon, MD, CCFP, ABIHM is a Canadian Board Certified Medical Doctor and American Board Certified Integrative & Holistic Medicine.  She is a leading expert in peak mental performance, stress & burnout syndrome, neuro-nutrition and supplementation and a published researcher. She is the co-founder of our Bali Retreats.

Why I Created These Yoga Stress Detox Bali Retreats

Hi I’m Dr. Dani and I’m excited to share you with the paradise of Bali and give you the ultimate yoga and de-stress bali retreat in addition to the best vacation you have ever had.  

I created the ultimate yoga de-stress bali retreat as a culmination of over a decade of practice as a medical doctor specializing in stress resilience and mindbody medicine and just as importantly, as a yogi and busy professional who couldn’t find what I wanted in the ultimate getaway vacation and de-stress experience.   What I (and most of my busy stressed friends!) really needed and wanted out of a yoga retreat just didn’t exist.

I went through my own experience with stress and burnout a decade ago and remember what it was like to feel tired, in need of vacation but also needing more than just a week sitting in the sun and didn’t want to go to an exhausting yoga retreat where I’d be hauled out of bed at the crack of dawn.  

There weren’t any Bali retreats out there that combined the power of a doctor-level health retreat with a rejuvenating and fun holiday in tropical luxury.  

I envisioned a place where people could come away for one week and get the ultimate de-stress vacation and come away changed profoundly but without sacrificing amazing food, relaxation and peak experiences offered by the cultural richness of Bali (where I call home part of the year). 

It had to involve yoga (because I’m a yogi too!), spa treatments, amazing and healthy foods and luxury accommodation but that was only the beginning.

I wanted this experience to be truly transformational and change the way people responded to stress so they went back home profoundly changed on a physical level so they didn’t end up just as stressed out two weeks after their holiday!

I have spent have months at a time in Indian ashrams and practice yoga regularly at home.  Most vacation style yoga retreats I had been on myself over the years focused on the spiritual side of yoga but were too ‘fluffy,  focused on hard asana physical poses and rigorous schedules or the flipside, they were gentle, relaxing and luxurious but lacked substance and a way to make people come away from the week with lasting change, breakthrough or peak life-changing experience.

On our bali retreats we use cutting edge technology neurofeedback brainwave training as well as ancient techniques from yogic and meditative traditions I’ve learned from over a decade of study with Himalayan yoga masters and top Harvard Scientists.  

This retreat is for critically thinking busy city people working in high pressured environments or living with daily stress who want a powerful transformative experience based in science and a rejuvenating vacation at the same time.  

It is basically the retreat experience I wish I had almost a decade ago when I was a stressed out professional working 80+ hours a week when I started my journey out of stress and burnout.

In order to break free of stress and feel differently once you go back home from vacation, you need to create the perfect conditions for what scientists call a ‘breakout’ to happen.  

A breakout is a term coined by my mentor and Harvard Doctor & Researcher Dr. Herbert Benson.  It describes what happens when we are able to completely break old mental patterns, stress habits and have an ‘aha’ moment or peak experience that profoundly changes us.  

Our bali retreats are built around making sure you have your ‘breakout’ in the 7 days you spend with us.

I’ve also personally created and ‘taste-tested’ every meal, snack, juice, and healthy tasty tonic we offer on the retreat menu working with our chefs here in Bali because I’m a foodie too.  

As an expert in Nutritional Medicine & stress detoxing I also wanted to be sure you get the all benefits of a health ‘detox’ menu without sacrificing taste and indulgence on your holiday.

Transform the way you handle stress. Book your Bali retreat today.

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