The Most Rejuvenating Health Retreat In The World


Magical Yoga Retreat Bali

Zen Brain Lab Bali Yoga Retreats offers unique yoga and neuromeditation stress relief Bali retreats designed for people who need to recharge. Our retreat programs have been developed from the latest clinical research to allow you to relax deeper than ever before, utterly rejuvenate + permanently lower your baseline stress levels so you feel rested on a deeper level and can maintain your inner balance after you get back to city life. 

A Bali Health Retreat Based In Science + Tradition

Our Bali retreats have all been developed from over 30+ years of research into stress resilience, neuroscience, mindbody medicine and burnout syndrome, as well as yoga, meditation and nutrition. You will be gently guided through the most powerful and effective techniques for relaxing and rejuvenating known to modern medicine and to ancient wisdom traditions. Safe, effective, powerful and enjoyable.

World Class Bali Retreats Developed By A World Leader In Stress Resilience

Dr Dani is a medical doctor and a world leader in wellness, stress resilience, mind-body medicine. She has designed our retreat programs to be the most rejuvenating retreats in the world.

What Is Included With The Retreat

Bali Wellness Retreat Centre Accommodation

Yoga + NeuroMeditation Program

Delicious Food + Drink

Who Our Bali Yoga Retreats Are For

Our retreats are designed for busy people, people who are tired and know they need to get away, take a break and recharge. When the weekend has not been enough recuperation time for you and you still feel stressed on Monday morning, then you need to come and speak to us. Our clients include lawyers, doctors, people in finance, entrepreneurs, business owners, professionals, busy mothers. Anyone who experiences a moderate load of stress in their daily life.


Twice daily yoga classes, our week long yoga program has been developed from the best modern yoga and physiology research alongside ancient traditional practises. Our programs are designed to primarily give you what is most effective to nurture your body, brain and nervous system whilst retaining as much as possible of the soul, spirit and traditions of yoga. Our morning classes are stimulating enough to wake the body up without tiring it and our evening Yin yoga sessions are deeply restorative and relaxing to help the mind and body begin to wind down as the day slows down...

NeuroMeditation For Stress Relief

Stress begins in the brain. The most powerful technique we have in beating stress and creating a transformation rejuvenation experience in brain training, also known as EEG biofeedback. This is an optional package that will hugely accelerate your ability to relax, regulate your nervous system + improve your mental performance.

Ubud Yoga Retreat Location

Our retreats are based in Ubud, Bali in a stunningly beautiful location amongst the rice paddies. Luxury and comfort in the jungle with exotic surroundings. All our luxury rooms are private en suite with air conditioning and access to our beautiful private pool.

Unlimited Green Juice

Most people in the west are depleted in micro nutrients due to the over farming and depletion of minerals in the soil. Stress leads to a xx% depletion in magnesium. During the retreat you will be given access to unlimited organic green juice to ressuply your nutrient levels and kick your system back into action. Each day you will also be given short demonstrations on how to make some of the most powerful green juices, health elixirs and tonic that you can make back home.

Daily Massage

We include free daily massages at our Bali wellness retreat centre. The combination of daily physical movement, nervous system relaxation and physical body massage and manipulation allows you to completely let go and release stress from your tissues making the experience even more rejuvenating.

Transform the way you handle stress.